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What is Barcelona Revisited? An initiative by Ad van der Neut, city guide and co-author of the Dutch guidebook Barcelona voor gevorderden (Barcelona  for advanced). Ad lets you discover famous and unknown places of this beautiful city. What distinguishes our…

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Ad van der Neut… was born in Holland in 1959, just in time to be aware of The Beatles. Much later, during my studies Dutch Literature in Utrecht, I wrote about pop music for the national weekly magazine De Tijd….

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All OUR TOURS ARE AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH AND DUTCH Barcelona Bike Tour On a comfortable city bike through Barcelona! You see highlights and unknown places and get to know the different faces of the Catalan capital. An ideal tour when…


Sant Jordi and God Johan

And another year the Catalans celebrate ‘the day of the book and the rose’, the Diada de Sant Jordi. In Catalonia this has been happening since the year 1200 on 23 April. More than two and a half centuries later,…

The black witch of El Raval

This big black cat is a creation of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. After a long ramble through Barcelona ‘El Gato’ feels since 1994 at home on the Rambla del Raval, standing at the place where, according to popular belief,…

The false patron saint of Barcelona

This is Mercè – or Mare de Deu de la Mercè, as she is called in full , the main patron saint of Barcelona, whose ‘fiesta’ every year at the end of September is the biggest party of  the city….

Jump for joy – 20 % discount!

Yes, it’s true! If you book your tour 30 or more days in advance, you will get 20 % discount on the regular price. Go to our booking page and be you will jump for joy too!

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New: Cathedral of the Sea walking tour

Arnau was sixty-three years old. He felt tired, and leant on his son. Bernard squeezed his father’s arm affectionately. Arnou bent his mouth to his son’s ear and pointed towards the high alter. ‘Can see her smile, my son?’, he…

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