The black witch of El Raval

Botero kat

This big black cat is a creation of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. After a long ramble through Barcelona ‘El Gato’ feels since 1994 at home on the Rambla del Raval, standing at the place where, according to popular belief, once the Font de les Bruixes was, the Well of The Witches. And a black cat of course, is the best alley of every serious witch. In fact, some people believe that cat and witch can be the same being.

a black cat  is the best alley of every serious witch

Anyway, from the water, they say in Barcelona, only evil people drank; sorceresses and other magicians used it for their concoctions. And near the well there must have been a school for witches, where aspiring witches were taught in the black arts.

No wonder that up to this very day some women who have problems getting pregnant come to the cat, scratch his balls and yes…three week later they’re in the family way!

Or is this story just another urban myth?

Botero catinstagram

Botero’s El Gato is a popular stop during our bike and walking tours!


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