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Welcome (again)!  My name is Ad van der Neut. I was born in Holland in 1959, just in time to be aware of The Beatles. Much later, during my studies Dutch Literature in Utrecht, I wrote about pop music for the national weekly magazine De Tijd.

What followed was a long trek through Asia and Australia. Back in Holland, I worked during many years for the spiritual-social magazine Jonas. First as an editor, later as owner/editor.

In 2006 I moved with my Spanish wife and our two children to Barcelona. In the Catalan residence, I combine writing with his passion for the city. I own an Editing or Writing Business (Text & Texto) and share my love for Barcelona by blogging about the city (Groeten uit Barcelona) and by offering bike and walking tours with Barcelona Revisited.

Ad: “The Catalan singer Joan Manuel Serrat once sang about the ‘thousand faces of Barcelona’. Each face tells a thousand stories. I’ll listen for many years on and share my experiences with as many visitors of this intriguing city as possible!”

 Foto op Rambla del Raval






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  1. Hoi Ad! Misschien vind je het leuk om een keer koffie te drinken ergens hier in Barcelona? Volgens mij kunnen we elkaar wel inspireren. 😊